by LINDA FRABL | photos by Jill Thomas Photography


The Balliets, residents of The Laurels neighborhood since 2010, can credit their remarkable celebration of their love for their livelihood. When the parents, Troy and Heather, orchestrated their stylish wedding in 2003, their impressed friends and extended family were inspired to enlist the couple’s help when planning their own parties. Hence the family’s event planning and design company, Amorology, was born. In addition to the birth of the business, a whopping four children were also born (Finn, 9, Milla, 6, Knox, 3, and Navy, 2).


Naturally this party-planning family relishes occasions for partying! Whether having late-night family dance-offs, movie nights or impromptu sing-alongs accompanied by Troy’s guitar playing, a festive atmosphere tends to factor into their fun. Heather proclaimed, “We celebrate holidays of all kinds and love to create traditions with our children. We celebrate St. Lucia Day to honor my Swedish heritage, and I wake the children up with hot cocoa, cookies, a song and a wreath of candles on my head. We also celebrate the first day of summer break with slip and slides and water guns. Plus, we tend to end each day with ice cream – it is a must in our home!”

The Balliets also enjoy the beach, camping, hiking, and making chocolate chip cookies together. Faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the family organized a huge fundraising event for a friend who needed a double lung and heart transplant, and raised $100,000! Troy stated, “Our community poured out their hearts and souls by volunteering their time and efforts to make this event a success.”

family03As for the kids’ pastimes, Finn is involved in Boy Scouts, archery, and playing guitar. Milla is passionate about singing, writing, and drawing hearts and rainbows. Knox adores all modes of transportation – especially motorcycles, trucks, and trains. The youngest, Navy, is partial to putting on her mommy’s makeup, swinging, and cuddling.

Adept at handling the challenges associated with raising a large brood and running a lucrative company, Heather commented, “We have embraced the crazy together! We have found a way to manage the day-to-day tasks that have come with a life of little ones and twenty-five brides at any given time.” Troy added, “We are blessed to do what we love and so grateful to be able to work together as a team, juggling the responsibilities of our business and parenthood.”


Parents: Troy Lyman Balliet and Heather Kara Balliet
Children: Finnian Jack (9, 4th grade at Carrillo Elementary), Milla Day (6, 2nd grade at Carrillo Elementary), Knox Bastian (3), Navy Jane (2)
Community: The Laurels since 2010
Parents’ Hometowns: Troy – Salt Lake City, UT; Heather – Carlsbad, CA
Parents’ Occupations: Owners and Event Planners of Amorology, LLC
Favorite Places to Visit in San Marcos: Double Peak Park, Sublime restaurant, The Bellows restaurant