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Clear braces

Clear braces on the outside of teeth. Ceramic on the upper, patient chose metal on the lower – cannot see them when smiling.

Over the years, Dr. Roncone has worked on various orthodontic products – braces, wires, etc. – which have simplified the orthodontic treatment for patients. Dr. Roncone has been developing braces with two manufacturing companies that will greatly simplify and shorten treatment time in braces. These braces were not expected to be available until sometime in the middle of 2015. To our surprise, they have just arrived… but we have a limited number available. They are of two types:

• Clear braces on the outside of teeth
• Very tiny braces for the backs of teeth

What does this mean to you?

• Shorter appointment times
• Less discomfort during treatment
• Shorter treatment times (4 to 13 months)
• Significant fee discounts with affordable monthly payments
• Orthodontics from the developer of the PDS
(PhysioDynamicSystem) Appliances
• An orthodontist with years of experience who remains on the leading edge of orthodontic treatment

If you have hesitated obtaining orthodontic treatment for any of the above reasons, please call our office on the special “888” number to make an appointment.



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