Hour of Code

San Elijo Elementary School (SEES) recently participated in the Hour of Code, a program designed to get students comfortable with technology and introduce them to the world of coding. “Several of my students’ parents are in the programming field and they have given me feedback informing me that these courses are very similar to the skills they use every day at work,” shared Laurie Anastasio, a second grade teacher. She organized the SEES Hour of Code along with computer lab teacher Suzanne Mumma, and they signed the students up for www.code.org’s K-5 course in computer science. “This course is actually more like a 20-hour course,” said Laurie. “My thought was to give them the opportunity to go beyond one hour.”

Students learned how to write code at www.code.org, as well as other programs like Scratch, Lightbot, and Made With Code. Using Made With Code, SEES students had the opportunity to design the pattern of holiday lights for a state tree on the White House Lawn. They used the program to set the type and colors, then saw the display previewed on a photo of the trees. “Once they saved their program, they were asked which state or territory tree they wanted the display to be on,” explained Laurie. “Then we were given an exact date and time the design would show up.”

Between all the classes, SEES students wrote a grand total of 190,043 lines of code during the event. The class that wrote the most code was Mrs. Stremel and Mrs. Himelstein’s first grade class, who wrote a whopping 8,811 lines of code.