by LIZ ONUFER | photo by Love, Jayde Photography

Heart for Art

Ten year old Arman Bagherian is a young man of many talents. Combining a passion for art, a love of sports, and experience and skill in public speaking, Arman enjoys a wide variety of activities and is well on his way to a bright and promising future.

student02As a student at Classical Academy Vista, he stands out for his art, sports, leadership, and public speaking skills. “My fourth grade teacher told me that I was a natural leader because I have a good heart and great speaking skills,” Arman shared. He credits much of this talent to his experience speaking at the Kingdom Hall and Bible readings, where he actively participates.

Beyond his speaking and leadership skills, Arman prefers to spend his time drawing and playing sports. His primary focus in his art is animation, with influences from video games like Minecraft, Super Mario Bros., and SpongeBob. “Art makes me feel alive, and it helps me comprehend life, and it’s very calming,” Arman explained. He also excels in basketball, football, and baseball, practicing often with his dad.

Arman enjoys many activities with his family, parents Masoud and Shana and younger brother Kamran. The Bagherians enjoy riding bikes, bowling, watching movies, and going to the park. An important part of home life is mealtime and discussing daily Bible texts. “My brother and I do Persian Bible readings at the Kingdom Hall and my family helps us prepare them,” said Arman.
The Jehovah Witness faith and community is a major part of Arman’s life that he plans to continue developing. “I hope to be an artist and plan on going to Bethel at the World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witness so that I can draw for their publications or make videos for them,” Arman shared.
In the meantime Arman enjoys both his community in Rancho Dorado and his school in Vista. He appreciates his neighborhood for its atmosphere and his friends. After five years of living in Colorado, Arman enjoys sunny San Marcos because he can play outside year round. At school the atmosphere is equally appreciated – Arman loves the one-on-one learning and kind teachers.

At this young age, San Marcos’s student star has the potential to pursue many different paths. With his wide range of skills, his big heart and natural leadership skills, and his faith and service to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Arman Bagherian has a lot to look forward to.

Name: Arman Oliver Bagherian (10)
School: The Classical Academy
Grade: 5
Parents: Masoud and Shana Bagherian
Siblings: Kamran Samuel Bagherian (7)
Favorite Place in 92081: Forte Academy of the Arts and Rocco’s Pizza