San Marcos Artist Shares Work in Cannon Art Gallery’s Juried Exhibition

San Marcos resident and artist Brian Canfield has been working his window magic locally since 1978, and recently got the chance to exhibit his work in the William D. Cannon Art Gallery’s 2014 Juried Biennial Exhibition. The 11th juried exhibition held since the gallery’s 1999 opening, the showcase features over 60 works by 34 artists who live, work, or create in San Diego County. Over 1,200 works were submitted by 231 local artists, and the included pieces were selected by jurors representing local art institutions.

Brian specializes in stained glass, keeping a classically historical art form relevant in the modern world. “The interaction between light and glass is the foundation of my creative process,” explained Brian. “Employing the highest level of engineering and craftsmanship yielding architectural and autonomous objects with a millennial life is my responsibility; creating a timeless visual experience is my legacy.”

Part of that timeless experience is his connection to the communities he creates for. Brian shared, “In order to produce meaningful narratives, I research the history and communities involved while analyzing the built space and surroundings to create a harmony with the interior and exterior space.” He translates his connection to the communities’ beliefs and values into his work with glass and lead. He also features more modern myths in some pieces, including one titled the Hulk #1 Page 5. Brian has taught at Palomar College, Cal State Fullerton, and local educational outreach programs. His 10-episode education series, “Stained Glass: Unraveling the Mystery,” aired on the PCTV local cable channel.

The exhibition will be open through Feb. 7 at the William D. Cannon Art Gallery in the Carlsbad City Library complex.