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Misty Jones, Director of the San Diego Public Library, Works for Literacy and Community

by LYDIA COBB | photo by Dawn at Nicoli Productions

Turning the Page

The first time Misty Jones visited San Elijo Hills, she was drawn here, she described, “To that small town feel in the middle of a big city.” Her husband, Terry, is a network engineer. Their home is shared with two Labradors and two cats. In her free time, Misty enjoys photography, running, and improving her golf game. She recently started woodworking. And of course, Misty reads. She’s the director of the San Diego Public Library and oversees the entire library system and its 36 branches in our San Diego communities.

faces02“I feel so fortunate to get to do this job every day,” shared Misty Jones. “The San Diego community is so supportive of libraries and we have the opportunity to really make a difference in people’s lives.” She is also the vice president/president-elect of the California Library Association, where she’s in a position to increase awareness and involvement in our public institutions. “It is important for all California libraries to work together to tell our stories and relate our value,” added Misty.

Misty worked for the Charleston County Public Library for 10 years before moving from South Carolina to California in 2012, when she accepted the position as the deputy director for the Central Division. She oversaw the opening of the acclaimed Central Library in San Diego. A native of the South, Misty grew up in Mobile, Alabama and graduated from the University of South Alabama. She obtained her MLIS from the University of South Carolina, and worked for the Greenville County Public Library prior to Charleston.

Misty has written many different chapters in the book of her life. She has a purple belt in Aikido. She’s a fan of horror movies – the scarier the better. She used to be a probation officer for juvenile offenders. Her career in libraries opens new doors of discovery every day. Literally. “We will be breaking ground on two branches this year and have plans for two more in the next few years,” revealed Misty. They’re in the process of defining and visualizing programs and services with community input. A place for community is vital to the library system, as it is with Misty Jones, who cherishes her new hometown.

Meet Misty

Name: Misty Jones
Profession: Director, San Diego Public Library
Community: San Elijo Hills since 2013
Hobbies: Reading (of course), photography, running
Favorite Local Spots: Shane’s Pizza and Pints, Curry & More Indian Bistro, Twin Oaks Golf Course

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