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San Marcos High School Class of 2015


Farewell on Excalibur Field

The teachers and staff of San Marcos High School (SMHS) bid a fond farewell to the Class of 2015 at the recent graduation ceremony, held at Excalibur Field. The Knights have a unique take on the traditional graduation festivities. At the beginning of the school year, incoming freshmen join the SMHS community by touching the Sword in the Stone. At the end of their journey as Knights, they touch the Sword in the Stone one more time as they enter the stadium for graduation. A costumed knight on horseback cantered around the field during the reading of “The Legend of the Knight.” Principal Tiffany Campbell-Cunfare shook hands with the students as they walked across the stage; the exuberant new graduates then celebrated by tossing their hats and breaking out the beach balls.

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