cm_climate3Local residents Liz Myers-Chamberlin and Peg Mitchell are organizing a free workshop on climate change as part of their work with the North San Diego chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Peg, a resident of 92078, also works with the Sierra Club. Liz has lived in 92009 for the past 27 years and is the main organizer. “I’ve been an environment advocate since the ‘70s when I read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson,” said Liz. “I’ve been a volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby for over a year.” Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nonpartisan nonprofit that uses grassroots efforts to advocate for meaningful change in climate policy, with chapters throughout the United States. The workshop is an opportunity for community members to learn how they can make a difference and get involved in volunteerism. Held at the Escondido Public Library on Aug. 22, the event will last from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Learn more at