San Marcos Unified School District (SMUSD) students, parents, educators, and community members have until Dec. 18 to take the 2015 Speak Up Survey. Speak Up is Project Tomorrow’s national online research project designed to gather community viewpoints on K-12 STEM education. Survey topics include teaching with technology, STEM career exploration, online learning, mobile devices, and data privacy. Findings are shared with state and national policymakers as well as participating schools and districts.

Speak Up began in 2003 and since then has included over 30,000 schools from across the United States, as well as some schools from around the world. By gathering feedback from a range of people with a direct stake in local STEM education, Speak Up aims to provide a comprehensive picture of schools’ needs on local and national levels. There is no cost to schools to either participate or receive the findings. Find the survey and more information at and