by LINDA FRABL | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

Exclusive Handbag Designer


Handbag designer Zaneta Owens is a true testament to the concept that if you work hard, you can achieve your goals. Growing up the oldest of five sisters in a military family, Zaneta moved to San Marcos from Poway while a senior in high school, and then graduated from SDSU with a B.S. degree in Management. While in college, Zaneta won the Global Business Plan Writing Contest, which bolstered her confidence to eventually start her own business. But first Zaneta paid her dues by working at various jobs that paved the path to her current profession.

entrepreneur_owens2Ultimately crediting her parents for raising her with a healthy sense of industriousness, Zaneta remarked, “My family taught me to have a strong work ethic, morals, generosity, and kindness. Those qualities especially helped me when I worked at the Old California Mining Company, where I was voted one of the five best servers in the San Diego Union-Tribune!”

Continuing her professional trajectory, Zaneta worked her way up the ladder at Fitness & Wellness Insurance in Solana Beach, starting off as a mail clerk and soon becoming an administrative/accounting assistant. Zaneta then became a project coordinator for GUNNAR Optiks, where she honed her manufacturing, research, and product development skills. By the time she transitioned to an accountant position at Adicio, Inc., Zaneta was spending all of her free time creating her namesake handbag company, the Zaneta Owens Collection.

Even though she didn’t have any formal fashion training, Zaneta has always had a penchant for fashion as well as a strong motivation for her handbag vision. Zaneta explained, “I couldn’t find a unique handbag for myself that wasn’t made overseas. So I created my own high-quality handbags – right here in California – that didn’t look like the same old boring designs everyone else always wore. My handbags are inspired by the classic Hollywood film style with clean lines, unique patterns, and beautiful simplicity. In addition, I wanted my handbags to capture the look and feel of California: timeless, classic, and exclusive.”

In 2016, Zaneta will debut her brand new handbag designs. Zaneta will also be selling her handbags in many more shops throughout California, and she hopes to conquer the worldwide market as well. You can see Zaneta’s collection at the Finezza Fine Gifts boutique in Encinitas, and you may also log onto to learn more about her luxury handbag line.


Name: Zaneta Owens
Profession: Designer and Owner of Zaneta Owens Collection
Community: San Marcos since 2003
Interests: Handbag design, fitness, beach volleyball, dog-sitting, friends
Favorite Local Spot: Carlsbad beach