Staying Safe in Stormy Weather

The City of San Marcos is preparing for a stormy winter and wants residents to be prepared too. National meteorologists predict that this season could be one of the strongest El Niño seasons on records. Warning Coordination Meteorologist Alex Tardy shared, “We’re not necessarily expecting the biggest storms, but a lot of storms over a short period of time. The cumulative effect of a lot of rain is a lot of saturation and potential for flooding and erosion.”

Southern California’s long-term drought means soil is less likely to be protected by plant cover, which increases the impact of erosion and the likelihood of flooding. To help residents prepare the City of San Marcos is offering free sandbags. Residents can fill and pick up a maximum of 20 bags per resident at the southwest corner of the Public Works Division parking lot, located at 201 Mata Way. “As the City better prepares for El Niño, it is critical that our fellow San Marconians plan ahead and prepare now,” said City Manager Jack Griffin.

In addition to promoting the sandbag program, the City recommends residents review individual family emergency plans and inspect their properties to make sure roofs, gutters, and storm drains are in good condition. Public Works crews are making similar inspections for City drainage inlets, channels, and culverts, and the San Marcos Fire Department is gearing up for the season as well. The City spent the summer placing fiber rolls and hydro-mulch to help protect areas affected by the 2014 Cocos Fire, which are at high risk for erosion.

Find out more about how to prepare for winter at Find out more about the City’s sandbag program at 760-752-7550.