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Husbands Michael Glen and Leo Noel Treasure Their Time Together in San Marcos

by LAINEY KRAL | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Enjoying Life

It’s no surprise that Michael Glen and Leo Noel have been happily together for 20 years. “We met in St. Paul, MN, and on our first date, we walked out to see a double rainbow over the St. Paul Cathedral,” shared Michael. “I knew then that we would have a long and happy relationship.”

Leo was born in Denver, CO, and grew up in LA. He earned a degree in Theater Arts from the Immaculate Heart College. “Dramatic acting is still one of his passions, whether performing or observing plays,” shared Michael, who was born in Milwaukee, WI. He attended Holderness School in New Hampshire, then received his degree in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota.

When they met, Leo was running his own successful travel agency. Michael said, “I split my time between my interior design business and being a major domo running the household of a local radio personality – Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion.”


Names: Leo Francis Noel and Michael Scott Glen
Community: San Marcos since 2002
Hometowns: Leo – Denver; Michael – Milwaukee
Occupations: Leo – Management, Oceanside AAA; Glen – Real Estate Agent and Yoga Teacher
Pets: Blanche and Toots – Cats
Favorite Places to Visit in San Marcos: Twin Peaks, San Marcos Historical Society, Discovery Lake, Green Thumb Nursery

family_noel_glen_1They moved to Hillcrest together in 1996, and they married in 2008. From Hillcrest, they moved to Encinitas, then to a house in San Marcos. “My mom had a heart condition and we needed a place to stay that had a first floor bedroom,” said Michael. “Although she has passed, we still live in the house.” Now Michael has been a Realtor for over 30 years, and he’s taught yoga at the YMCA for 20 years. He is the creator of Facial Yoga and currently serves as president for the Friends of the San Marcos Library. Leo is now part of the management team at the Oceanside AAA office.

With their two cats, Blanche and Toots, Michael and Leo share plenty of laughs in their San Marcos home. “Although Leo doesn’t consider himself a stand-up comedian, he is wickedly fun and comes up with some of the best material ever,” said Michael proudly. He added, “He swears he can’t cook, but he turns out a mean pot roast, waffles, and carne asada.”

“We love living here in San Marcos,” Michael concluded. “Whether hiking up Twin Peaks, going out to the great restaurants, or just enjoying the beauty of the area, it makes us happy every time we come home.”

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