• 2 1-pound tubes of Jimmy Dean Hot Pork Sausage
  • 2 cups Bisquick baking mix
  • 16 ounces cream cheese (Not fat free)
  • 2 cups Mexican shredded cheese


  • Brown sausage, then drain in large bowl lined with lots of paper towels. Once completely cool, slowly pull out paper towels and toss – all the grease is gone!
  • Add Bisquick. With clean fingers, break up larger bits of sausage so there are no pieces larger than a pencil eraser.
  • Add cheese and mix with clean hands.
  • Add softened, room temperature cream cheese and completely incorporate into sausage, Bisquick, and cheese. Must be done with a hand.
  • With teaspoons, drop on lined (I use silicone baking sheets) cookie sheets, 15 biscuits to a sheet.
  • They don’t spread, so it’s okay if they’re close.
  • Bake for 19 minutes at 400 degrees F. Cool immediately on newspaper. Store in plastic bags in the freezer.

How to heat up when frozen:
Wrap in paper towel and microwave.
1 = 45 seconds
2-3 = 1 minute
4-5 = 1 minute 30 seconds
5 or more = You’re on your own. I’ve never heated
up that many.

Makes: 60 | Total Time: Under 3 hours


About the Chef

Name of Chef: Pam Irwin
Family: Husband
Hobbies: Bible Study, crocheting, water aerobics, wine tasting
Favorite Local Activity: Contemporary Women of North County (CWONC) – Social & Philanthropic
About the Recipe: An easy start to the morning. Warm with a little crunch and just a touch of zippy savor. The above is actually doubled, and it’s easy to cut in half – but you won’t want to after you taste them.
About the Chef: My husband and I have lived in North County since 1988. We keep busy with our two grown children, five grandchildren, and 2.8 great-grandchildren. We enjoy Sonoma and Paseo Robles Wine Tasting and world travels – these Sunrise Biscuits are a start to all our road trips and early morning plane departures. I’m a child of God and attend Emmanuel Faith Community Church.

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