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Honored for his Acts of Leadership & Excellent Camping Skills, Matthew Gerber Enjoys Being a Boy Scout

by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photo by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Super Star Scout

For as long as he can remember, 16-year-old Matthew Gerber has always been passionate about his two favorite hobbies: photography and camping. “I have always felt that I was meant to take part in photography,” shared Matthew, whose interest in the art form was influenced by his grandfather – a photographer for the U.S. Navy. “I grew up seeing him always behind a camera,” recalled Matthew. “I always wanted to be a photographer like him.”

student_gerber1Matthew’s enthusiasm for camping began while he was a Cub Scout in second grade. “Camping understandably came from my membership in the Boy Scouts,” he noted. “I feel a brilliant connection to the outdoors and the natural world around me.”

Today, Matthew continues his involvement with the Boy Scouts of America as a member of Troop 709 in Vista. “I actually don’t know what first drew me to the organization, but today, I could tell you a million reasons why scouting is appealing,” said Matthew. One reason, he explained, is watching his younger peers take part in the many activities offered by the Boy Scouts. “That could be when we shoot off model rockets in the desert, finish a 25-mile canoe trip on the Colorado River, climb up 20-foot waterfalls, attend weeklong summer camps, or even do community service projects,” he stated. “I love knowing that I helped the younger scouts make memories that will last a lifetime.”

Matthew currently attends Mission Hills High School as a junior. “I admire my school’s close connection between the student body and teachers,” he shared. “There are many opportunities available to students, the campus is a great environment to learn, and they have astounding teachers and unique

His favorite classes are history and criminal justice. “I have always been interested in history,” said Matthew. “Criminal justice, on the other hand, is a newfound interest.”

Inspired by his teachers, as well as his older brother, Matthew has been honored with many awards pertaining to leadership and camping during his time in the Scouts. “Scouting is the biggest part of my life,” shared Matthew. “It has taught me more things than I ever thought I would know. It has formed me into the person I am today.”

Meet Mathew

Name: Matthew Gerber (16)
School: Mission Hills High School
Grade: 11
Parents: Angie and Dennis Gumataotao
Siblings: Greg (24)
Favorite Place in 92078: Double Peak Park

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