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Colorado Natives Perry and Tracy Chavez are Happily Settled in San Elijo Hills

by michelle tremblay | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Finding a Place to Call Home

family_chavezIn 2014, Perry and Tracy Chavez relocated from Denver to San Diego for a job opportunity. They settled on a home in the San Elijo Hills community of San Marcos and were greeted by an unwelcome visitor. “Our first encounter with a rattlesnake on the porch was interesting,” recalled Perry. “Tracy saw it first and we weren’t sure how to get rid of it. So I collected the snake in a five-gallon bucket, and Tracy called the fire department to dispose of the critter.” Shortly after that experience, the Chavezes spotted two tarantulas near their home. “I call Tracy the spider whisperer,” joked Perry.

One would think that their run-ins with wildlife would be enough to scare Perry and Tracy right back to Colorado, but their feelings seemed otherwise. “Our journey to California has been one of the best things we have done in our marriage, as it’s given us an opportunity to explore and grow in ways that we might not have had living in Colorado,” explained the couple, who enjoy San Elijo Hills for its great views and sense of community.

“When I first met Tracy, I knew she was the one I was going to marry someday.” 

Perry – a process maintenance manager at Genentech in Oceanside – and Tracy – a physician’s assistant at Scripps in Vista – are both Colorado natives and met years ago through mutual friends. “When I first met Tracy, I knew she was the one I was going to marry someday,” shared Perry. “We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in August!”

family_chavez2The couple has three grown daughters – who all live in Colorado – and two grandchildren. “Our oldest granddaughter Jasmin lives with us in San Marcos and attends San Elijo Elementary School,” explained Perry. “She enjoys reading, math, and animals, and is a fantastic runner and one of the greatest grandkids you could have.”

In their downtime, the Chavez family enjoys running, cooking, going to the beach, and fixing up their house. They are also self-proclaimed football fanatics. “Tracy and Jasmin are avid Denver Broncos fans, and I am a closet fan who claims to like the Steelers,” shared Perry. “We love football and seeing our team win the Super Bowl was very exciting!” The Chavezes are also big fans of their new San Diego lifestyle. “We have fallen in love with the San Marcos area and not having to shovel piles of snow in the winter,” said Perry.  “Our plans are to remain here as transplants.”

Parents: Perry and Tracy Chavez
Children: Alexandra (26), Jessica (25), Marika (22), Jasmin (8), Alexander (1)
Community: San Elijo Hills, Mariners Landing since 2014
Hometown: Denver, CO
Occupations: Perry – Manager at Genentech; Tracy – PA-C Scripps
Pets: Satchel – Dog; Cali – Cat
Favorite Places to Visit in 92078: Double Peak Park, St. Mark Golf Club, our community fountain in the San Elijo Hills Town Center

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