Local Mom’s Blog Promotes Composting

In 2010, Rebekah Whelpley’s mother-in-law delivered and installed a composter, then taught her the simplicity of “dump and run” composting. She was hooked ever since. And while Rebekah says she does not have a natural green thumb, she is still able to reduce landfill waste in creative ways. She even started her own blog, Savvy Composting, to help others learn how to reduce their household waste through composting, recycling, rainwater harvesting, gardening, and reusing. Her goal is to make composting simple and accessible, while introducing others to new ways to reduce waste.

With a new school year underway, Rebekah offers tips on how to reduce waste from children’s school lunches. Instead of choosing convenient but often unhealthy pre-packaged food for lunches, Rebekah suggests a reusable bento box-type food container. Not only does this reduce the amount of plastic going into landfills, it also allows parents to choose healthier foods for their children. “You will quickly find that you’re providing your child with a more nutritious lunch that is colored by nature and offers a variety of foods that the body thrives on,” she said. Rebekah also stresses the importance of breaking the plastic water bottle and juice box habit, because while plastic bottles are recyclable, 38 billion of them end up in landfills each year. A reusable thermos solves this problem. Although zero-waste lunches might seem like a daunting switch to take on during the busy school season, Rebekah insists it will be worth it. “You will find yourself looking for the newest and greatest products that meet your family’s needs.” To learn more about ways to reduce your household waste visit www.savvycomposting.com.