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Bruce Walters Administers for the San Marcos Senior Volunteer Patrol

by KELLY GUSICH | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Coaching, Guiding, Directing

Bruce Walters has lived in North County since 1980, and he now resides near Twin Oaks Golf Course. “Watching San Marcos grow into the jewel of North County has been both a delight and a bit nostalgic,” he said, “because it has always been a beautiful small city.” He retired 10 years ago from a career in computers that started back in 1966. After a couple of years as a retiree, Bruce felt like he needed to do something for his community. With many friends and family in law enforcement, he looked into a program called the Senior Volunteer Patrol (SVP), and liked what he saw.

The SVP has male and female volunteers age 50 and up who support San Marcos and surrounding areas, rendering services like vacation checks or YANA visits for elderly home- bound seniors. Patrollers also work at special events like 4th of July fireworks, the San Marcos Street Fair, or National Night Out, and spend a small percentage of time helping with parking enforcement. “The majority of our time goes toward helping the city and the Sheriff’s Department with crime prevention,” Bruce explained. “We patrol the entire city and outlying areas, being the eyes and ears of the department.” By also handling many seemingly mundane tasks, like vehicle transport and delivering documents to the courthouse, “We keep deputies free to handle law enforcement activity.”


Currently, Bruce is administrator for the San Marcos SVP, managing about 50 volunteers. He coordinates activities between volunteers and command staff, as well as between volunteers and the city. “I don’t believe you manage volunteers the same way you manage paid employees,” he said. “My role is to coach, guide, and direct the volunteers.” He understands they are here because they want to serve the community, so he wants them to have the tools and training to be effective. “The most rewarding part of the job is watching the volunteers step up to seemingly impossible challenges.” Bruce is presently reshaping SMSVP to better support efforts at reducing crime in the area.

When he’s not volunteering, Bruce enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren, all of whom live in the general area, eating out in the “fantastic restaurants in every corner” of his San Marcos community, and searching yard sales for another radio from the ‘20s, ‘30s or ‘40s to restore and add to his collection: he has over 100 antique radios!

Name: Bruce A. Walters
Community: Twin Oaks Valley Ranch in San Marcos
Volunteer Affiliation: San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. Senior Volunteers, supporting all of San Marcos and surrounding areas
Occupation: Retired director in computer support of large database systems
Family: Wife, two sons, three grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and two nephews all in the general area
Hobbies: Fishing and antique radio restoration

Group: San Diego Sheriff’s Department Senior Volunteers San Marcos
Purpose: The San Marcos SVP consists of both male and female volunteers who support our city and surrounding areas. We provide multiple functions for city residents, keeping deputies free to handle law enforcement activity. If anyone wants to join a great team, they have to be at least 50 years old, retired or available at least one day a week to serve, have a driver’s license, and be able to attend a two-week academy.
General SVP Phone: 760-510-5291


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