Innovative Education

ALECTRONICS Research Center International (1ARC) is in the predevelopment stages of creating its ePark Place in San Marcos, a multipurpose public use facility where students in 3rd to 12th grade are exposed to a variety of innovative and relevant career-oriented activities. 1ARC’s ePark Place will utilize what they call edutainmentology (the use of technology to blend education and entertainment), science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (eSTEAM) to build esteem in students who require an extra boost of motivation, nurturing, and mentoring. “This is the first time students have an opportunity to be involved in the development of their own unique curriculum,” said 1ARC COO Albert Sanchez, Jr. The center will also include a 570-seat amphitheater, 200-seat enclosed theater, mastering recording studio, rehearsal studios, FM stereo radio station, HDTV broadcasting station, art gallery/gift shop, five-star restaurant, and an observation deck for astronomy students.

1ARC believes that the limited and often nonexistent resources to support the arts and music in public schools is troubling, as it negatively affects the creativity and inventiveness of children across America. Some states, like California, have adopted a Visual And Performing Arts (VAPA) framework in their public school system; however, very few schools are able to fully engage students in VAPA due to budget constraints. 1ARC’s ePark Place will help embed the missing VAPA framework into their hands-on Kidcentric Curricula – an engaging educational delivery system that builds technical skills while allowing for free expression by tapping into the student’s inherent strengths and abilities.

1ARC is a grassroots nonprofit public benefit organization designed to educate underserved youth by bridging the gap between the arts and sciences. To learn more visit