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The Simmons Family Hopes to Have a Self-Sustaining Lifestyle

by LINDA FRABL | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Rooted in the Land

The Simmons family has deep roots in San Marcos. Both parents, Matt and Kelley, are San Marcos natives, and they’re passing on the joy of residing in the North County oasis to their own children – Morgan, 20, Emma, 15, and Hayden, 11. Matt commented, “Kelley and I have not only loved growing up here, but also raising our own family here.” Kelley added, “Living here is great because the quiet neighborhood is nestled in the hills with beautiful views and the convenience of many hiking trails.”

With their current home situated in Stone Canyon near Discovery Lake, the Simmons brood frequently hangs out together, whether watching movies, having a game night, camping on the beach, or simply barbequing and swimming in their own backyard. The parents especially enjoy entertaining, as both are avid cooks who regularly prepare scrumptious feasts. Matt laughed, “We love cooking together as much as we can when we host gatherings, and we have been jokingly told that we should host our own cooking show!”


The delight the Simmons family has for their hometown has manifested itself in their community involvement. Matt serves on the board of directors for both the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce and the Charity Wings Art Center, and both he and Kelley help raise funds for the local San Marcos Boys & Girls Club while serving on its auction committee. When not volunteering, Matt is a partner, alongside his father and brother, in a land use planning/consulting firm. Kelley keeps busy as a stay-at-home mom.

As for the children, Morgan is a kinesiology major at Cal State University of San Marcos, where she plays on the soccer team. She also traveled with a teammate to Australia for two weeks in order to plant thousands of native trees in its Blue Mountains. Emma attends San Marcos High School and is deeply involved in the sports medicine program. Hayden goes to Double Peak Middle School and cites history as his favorite subject.

In the future, the Simmons clan hopes to one day live off their own land. Kelley exclaimed, “We’d like to own and operate a self-sustaining ranch with horses, goats, and an olive tree orchard in order to produce fresh foods and products.” That sounds like a great backdrop for a family that intends to cook and entertain for years to come.

Parents: Matt and Kelley Simmons
Children: Morgan (20), Emma (15), and Hayden (11)
Community: Stone Canyon since 2003
Parents’ Hometown: San Marcos
Parents’ Occupations: Matt – partner in land use planning and consulting firm; Kelley – stay-at-home-mom
Pets: Dogs – Indiana and Chirpa
Favorite Places to Visit in 92078: Our friends and family, mountain bike trails, community sporting events.


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