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Community Volunteer Julie Lynne Is Committed to the Girl Scout Mission

by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Leading Local Girls

Julie Lynne’s commitment to the Girl Scouts began in her childhood. “As a young girl with the Girl Scouts, I made wonderful friends and began camping and traveling,” Julie shared. Today, she helps facilitate these same experiences for her three daughters and their scout troops as a volunteer and troop leader. “I wanted the same opportunity for my daughters,” Julie said.

Julie grew up in Escondido and then moved north to earn her degree in Spanish and English from Santa Clara University. Julie and her family relocated to San Marcos eight years ago and today enjoy the excellent schools, natural environment, and hiking trails of the area.

One of the most visible community events for the Girl Scouts is the annual cookie sale. This major event is about more than selling cookies, though. “We send a great deal of the cookies to our troops overseas,” Julie said, “and the rest of the funds go to our troop to subsidize our costs for camp, community service events, and patch work.”


Julie’s accomplishments as a Girl Scout volunteer are ongoing. “I have set goals for my girls, and they set goals for themselves. Then we strive to achieve them,” she explained. This collaboration and problem-solving are an important part of the process. “Most times, my goals and their goals have to be scaled down according to the time we can dedicate and the expense,” she said. “But the girls and I still seem to have fun along the way.”

She recognizes the incredible opportunities that Girl Scouts provides for the girls to learn about their world and themselves. “It also helps them to become independent and push themselves into challenging experiences that otherwise they may not have with their families,” Julie shared.

From Julie’s perspective, one of the greatest challenges for Girl Scouts is finding parent volunteers. “Most parents are working full-time jobs, and taking on running a troop is very time-consuming,” Julie acknowledged. “But I say it is so worth it.”

Profile Information

Name: Julia Patricia Lynne
Community: Stone Canyon Development
Volunteer Affiliation: Leader for Girl Scout Troops #1223 and #4266; recognitions committee member for San Marcos Girl Scouts
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom
Family: Married with three girls
Hobbies & Interests: Reading, cooking, swimming, hiking, camping, and traveling

Organization Information

Name: Girl Scouts of San Diego
Mission: Provide Girl Scouting to all women and girls.

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