Safe Haven

For over 35 years, the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos has been a special place for young people in the community. Since the beginning, the mission of the club has been to give children what they need most: a safe environment, positive adult role models, and activities that engage and encourage them. That goal remains the same today. The club’s various programs give children ages 6 to 18 the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed – especially in the areas of academia, civic engagement, and healthy living – as well as the chance to simply be themselves. The club now serves over 5,000 youth at 12 locations throughout San Marcos at schools and housing communities. Read along as we speak with the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos’ Director of Resource Development Danyelle Hoshauer about how the organization continues to grow and serve youth in need.

Q&A with Danyelle Hoshauer, Director of Resource Development

cv_bgc1What is the history behind the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos?
The Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos opened its doors in 1979 at Woodland Park, serving several hundred youth members. The philosophy was to give children what they need most: a safe environment where they can have fun and be themselves, adult role models who respect and listen to them, and interesting, constructive educational and recreational activities that channel youthful energy into challenging and productive pursuits. In 1995, the 16,000-square-foot main branch, Jennifer Loscher Building, was opened with a million dollar operating budget and nearly 1,000 youth members. In 2005, the 6,500-square-foot Teen Center opened to serve high school-aged youth. The club’s growth has continued over the last 10 years with 12 locations throughout San Marcos at schools and affordable housing communities. Today, we serve over 5,000 youth ages 6 to 18 years old in San Marcos through programs and services provided in the club setting, and at community events and functions. The need continues to grow, so we will continue to set our sights to opening additional locations in the community.


At-A-Glance | Director of Resource Development

Name: Danyelle Hoshauer
Position: Director of Resource Development
Education: Indiana State University and Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University
Community: San Diego
Hobby: Hiking
Favorite Place in 92078: The Bellows

cv_bgc4What communities does the club serve?
The Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos serves the youths in San Marcos at Alvin Dunn Elementary School, Copper Creek Apartments, Double Peak K8 Schools, Joli Ann Leichtag Elementary School, Melrose Village Apartments, Paseo de Oro Apartments, Sierra Vista Apartments, San Elijo Middle School, San Marcos Elementary School, San Marcos Middle School, Westlake Village Apartments, and Woodland Park Middle School.

cv_bgc9What is your role with the club?
I serve as the director of resource development for the club and work to retain and develop new funding and partnerships with businesses, organizations, and individuals who believe in what the club does for our youth and want to see them succeed. The most rewarding aspect of being a part of an organization like the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos is listening to kids and teens and hearing why they choose to come to the club, get involved in various programs, and hearing that they are grateful for the opportunities to travel, meet community members, and just be themselves and heard. This is a special place for everyone involved!

The most challenging aspect of my role is seeing the need and wanting to give our kids and teens every opportunity to succeed, but not having the funding to do it all.

How many children does each club serve?
We serve just over 1,000 kids and teens on a daily basis.

Please describe your afterschool programs.
Our programs are designed to meet the interests of all kids and teens, but they all have a special focus in three outcome areas including academic success, civic engagement, and healthy lifestyles. From power hour to Keystone and specialty clubs, our kids can find something to get involved with and develop skills and confidence needed to succeed. Our Victory Project specifically provides math and reading remediation for kids in first through fifth grade, whose standardized test scores are below or far below basic as identified by school site administration.

cv_bgc7Do you offer any kids and teen camps over the summer?
We offer day camp programming on holidays and during summer for both kids and teens at our main branch. Day camp offers many activities and programs to keep kids engaged in various interests with an educational element. We also offer field trips and Fun Friday contests, and a select number of Keystone teens were able to travel to South Africa and visit a club to volunteer and learn about other cultures.

How does one get their kids involved with programs at the club?
Parents who are interested in membership for their child can call or visit our main branch site to determine which site is the best location for their child, take a tour, and understand the programs specific to each site. Membership, weekly rates, and day camp fees are affordable to all families.

cv_bgc2Bella Hernandez attends Double Peak Elementary School and is in the fifth grade. She has been attending the club for two years and her favorite memory is “hanging out with my friends and with the friendly staff.” She has learned to communicate better with others by learning from club staff and participating in different programs.

Please tell us how one goes about becoming a sponsor or supporting the Boys & Girls Club financially.
Our donors, sponsors, and grantors are key to the club’s continued success! If an individual would like to support the club, they can donate online, over the phone, or in person at the Jennifer Loscher Branch. If a business or organization is interested in sponsoring an event or program, they can contact Danyelle Hoshauer or Tish Murry. We have many opportunities to partner throughout the year and are always looking for ways to partner.


Do you have any opportunities for community members to volunteer their time? What is currently available?
Volunteers are the core of our organization. There are many opportunities for individuals and companies to volunteer at our club. An individual can call or visit the club to volunteer within the club with our kids and teens. An application and background check must be complete in order to be considered for this opportunity. The Ambassadors for Youth is a group of individuals who volunteer their time in assisting staff with various projects, events, and community events. If an individual is interested in learning more and becoming an Ambassador, they can contact Danyelle Hoshauer. Groups may also be interested in a Day of Service project at the club. This includes painting, light construction, decorating, and many more opportunities. These opportunities can be arranged by contacting our administration office.

Our board of directors is also comprised of volunteers who want to serve at the helm of the club by providing leadership, fiscal, and strategic direction. Appointments to the board are on an invitation basis, but any interested in this opportunity can contact Tish Murry.

cv_bgc3Yara Dajlala is in the eighth grade at San Elijo Middle School. One of her favorite memories is participating in Youth of the Year at the club. It was a lot of fun! “Spanish is my first language. Coming to the Boys & girls Club, staff helped me with my English and to not be embarrassed when I can’t pronounce something.”

What are some of the club’s most popular fundraising events?
We anticipate another almost sold out crowd at this year’s annual auction, themed Superheroes, which takes place on April 29 and attracts nearly 400 guests. Our 38th Annual Golf Classic presented by Stone Brewing will take place on Friday, Sept. 15. Holiday Hotcakes will be held in December and is a great opportunity for small, local businesses to interact with 600+ community members.

Are there any exciting new projects, developments, or programs coming to the club?
Our club has recently been awarded a grant by a joint venture between Best Buy and Sony to establish the Teen Tech Center at our club. Our club was selected from the nine clubs in the county and will receive funding and technology as well as technical support and program assistance from local Best Buy and Sony team members. This grant will enable our club to expose and develop our teens’ creative side by allowing them to record a record, learn how to design video games, and have state-of-the-art computers to assist them with homework and college prep work.


At-A-Glance | Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos

Name: Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos
Established: 1979
Location: 1 Positive Place, San Marcos, CA 92069
Phone: 760-471-2490
Facebook: @boysgirlsclubsm
Hours: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Ages Served: 6 to 18