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The Rowe Family Finds Their Home in Twin Oaks

by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

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For the Rowe family, a life on the move had been the norm for many years. But that all changed four years ago when the Rowes moved into the Twin Oaks community. “It’s the best of both worlds, conveniently close to stores and school but far enough out to feel like we are in the country,” explained Emily and Pat Rowe.

The decision to live in the pastoral setting started simply enough – with a single baby chick. Emily explained, “Before our current house we lived in suburbia. Then one day, our oldest daughter, Lauren, brought a baby chick home. That started it all – everybody wanted their own chick.” The progression moved from a chicken coop to a new house in the country, which now includes 5 horses, 16 chickens, 9 rabbits, 2 goats, and a dog. “The moral of the story – be prepared for unintended and wonderful new horizons when bringing home a single pet!” Emily said.


Emily and Pat originally met in college at the United States Military Academy at West Point. The couple served overseas together in 1996 as part of the Bosnia peacekeeping effort. Today, they have three daughters – Lauren, 14, Jessica, 12, and Elise, 10. The girls attend the Classical Academy in Escondido and are involved with the Inland Coastal Aquatic Club and the Classical Academy musical theater.

As a family, they love riding their horses in the parks and reserves across Southern California. Pat actually grew up as a cowboy on a working cattle ranch in Alabama. The girls are embracing the culture and have started their own custom leather and horseshoe art business, Rowe Leatherworks, using the same leatherworking kit their father had as a child. In addition to their time on horses, the family also loves skiing and “watching survival shows on TV on Saturday nights over popcorn and homemade ice cream,” Emily said.


The Twin Oaks trail network and ability to own a few acres may have initially drawn the Rowe family to 92078, but it’s the community that keeps them grounded there. Emily and Pat shared, “We are fortunate to have a great group of neighbors where everyone is always willing to help out, everything from offering a helping hand and advice with an injured animal to helping out when bad weather strikes.”

Parents: Patrick and Emily Rowe
Children: Lauren (14), Jessica (12), and Elise (10)
Community: Twin Oaks community since 2013
Hometowns: Pat – Eclectic, AL; Emily – Jamestown, NY
Occupations: Pat – Project Director, utility solar industry; Emily – stay at home mom
Pets: Horses – Piper, Misty, Dakota, Lacey, Marley; dog – Lily; goats – Patty and June
Favorite Local Spots: All of the excellent horse trails, Walnut Grove Park

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