Mayor Jim Desmond delivered San Marcos’ 2017 State of the City Address as part of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors’ Installation and Awards Luncheon program in late February. Mayor Desmond highlighted the most significant accomplishments of the last year and outlined upcoming goals in the areas of public safety, parks and community services, community development, traffic and transportation, and other quality of life issues. Recent achievements included a 22 percent decrease in reported crimes, aggressive flood management, above average response times by the San Marcos Fire Department, maintaining and improving city infrastructure, the addition of 15 new development projects, and a balanced budget. Mayor Desmond also stressed the importance of community partnerships in tackling various city issues. “We’re proactively addressing challenges ahead and leaning on our partnerships to drive overall regional success,” he said. “We will not be the economic engine that could, or should, but the engine that will get the job done.” Discover more at