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Wayne Marking Gives His All for San Elijo AYSO

by LINDA FRABL | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Youth Soccer Volunteer

Wayne Marking, a resident of San Marcos for 28 years (specifically in San Elijo Hills since 2002), is pleased to volunteer for the local American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). With the AYSO vision being “to provide world-class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives,” Wayne, as the regional commissioner board member, makes sure Region 1505 (San Elijo AYSO) does all that and more.

“We ensure that we provide a quality soccer experience for all of our members that adheres to the AYSO vision and the six philosophies,” Wayne professed. Those philosophies are: good sportsmanship, open registration, balanced teams, everyone plays, positive coaching, and player development. San Elijo AYSO has a Fall Core program, a Spring Turbo program, an AYSO Matrix club soccer experience, and will soon begin offering college scholarships.

But perhaps the one AYSO service Wayne is most proud of is the VIP program, geared specifically for mentally and physically challenged players. Wayne said, “Starting up this VIP program has to be the highlight for me, and my biggest accomplishment in volunteering for San Elijo AYSO. Every VIP player has a buddy or two who helps guide them in learning the game of soccer. Our VIP director, Tricia Palguta, is working to grow the VIP program even more.”


Without having fundraising events, AYSO relies on sponsor donations to keep its registration fees low, and to offer financial assistance if necessary. AYSO also depends on its volunteers. Wayne revealed, “I started out in AYSO as a coach for my daughter and my nephews’ teams, but you don’t have to have a child participating to help out. We have grandparents, aunts, and uncles who volunteer. Many of us don’t even have children participating anymore, but we have such an affinity for what AYSO does for the kids in the community that we continue to volunteer our time and talents.”

When he isn’t involved with AYSO, Wayne works as an electrical engineer, and in his free time he visits the North County microbreweries, hikes the local trails, and eats Mexican food at Neto’s. When asked why he volunteers for the local AYSO, Wayne revealed, “What drives me is seeing all the players out on the fields on the weekends, enjoying soccer in a fun, family-friendly environment.”

Name: Wayne Marking
Community: San Elijo Hills
Volunteer Affiliation: Regional Commissioner of San Elijo AYSO Region 1505
Profession: Application Engineer
Family: Married, one daughter, one step-daughter
Hobbies: Hiking, volunteering, sampling local microbrews

Name: San Elijo AYSO Region 1505
Mission: To provide world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives.

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