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Nadia Messerschmidt Enjoys the Sciences and the Arts

by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Musician, Artist, Writer

A resident of the Discovery Hills community, Student Star Nadia Messerschmidt has always called San Marcos home. “I love it here because of the people,” she acknowledged. “Nearly everyone I talk to is always so friendly and helpful.”

Nadia feels the same way about San Marcos High School, where she is finishing her freshman year. “Honestly, I like almost everything about it,” she said. “I love all my friends, and my teachers are great, but I particularly enjoy the atmosphere.” Her favorite subjects are English and biology. She explained that in biology she learns “how the world works and why certain things do what they do.” While in English class, “we learn about what people normally don’t talk about and are faced with situations most people my age aren’t.”


Since the fourth grade, music has been an important part of Nadia’s life. Last year, she was a member of the All Southern Honor Band, part of the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA). This past January, she attended the Jazz Educators Network conference in New Orleans with MiraCosta College’s Jazz Orchestra. As a musician, she has also had the opportunity to give back to the community, playing in a homeless shelter and for veterans as part of her jazz band.

“I love all my friends and my teachers are great but I particularly enjoy the atmosphere.”

Nadia’s other hobbies are also creative and artistic; she enjoys drawing and writing. Her favorite subjects to draw and paint are animals and people. She enjoys trying to capture their emotions in art. A strong reader, she admitted that writing is a bigger challenge. “That doesn’t stop me from doing it though,” Nadia said. “I always come up with ideas for books and start to write them but I come up with a new idea before I can finish.”


After high school, Nadia plans to attend college. She hopes to study science and minor in music and is even considering going on to graduate school. The inspiration for this hard-working young woman is her father. “He works really hard every day just so I can go to school and be a normal teenager,” Nadia recognized. “I want to make him proud.”

Name: Nadia Ellen Messerschmidt (14)
School: San Marcos High School
Grade: 9
Parents: Gary and Emma Messerschmidt
Sibling: Stas Golovkin (25)
Favorite Spot: Discovery Lake

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