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by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos provided by Everbowl

“Made From Stuff That’s Been Around Forever”

These days, it’s difficult to find an eatery with both tasty and healthy menu options. At Everbowl, a restaurant located in Escondido, Poway, Rancho Peñasquitos, and San Marcos, you can find just that. “We want to inform our audience about the benefits of positive eating, and make it fun and much more convenient,” stated founder Jeff Fenster.

With the mantra, “Made from stuff that’s been around forever,” the philosophy at Everbowl is to eat the way we humans were meant to – or, as Jeff puts it, to unevolve. “We are so over-evolved as a society, from the technologies we use daily to the lab-created food… We have lost the foundation of great health and longevity,” said Jeff. “I passionately believe how we eat, live, feel, perform, and age are all interconnected. The correlation between our diets and disease is becoming clearer by the day. By focusing on ‘unevolve,’ we can go back to eating and moving the way we were meant to. We need to get up, get out, eat right, and get light!”


Although Jeff has always had a passion for eating healthy, his journey into the restaurant business came about in an unexpected way. “By finding creative ways to feed my kids,” recalled Jeff. “I didn’t want to hoard all these good-for-you goodies just for my family and friends, and I believed that everyone should have access to them.” His solution was opening Everbowl – a simple quick-serve restaurant that is community-focused. “Everbowl is truly for everybody,” noted Jeff. “We make friends with everyone who walks through the door. We pride ourselves on making sure everyone has a fun Everbowl experience when they visit.”

“By focusing on ‘unevolve,’ we can go back to eating and moving the way we were meant to. We need to get up, get out, eat right, and get light!”

From smoothies to salads to build-your-own-bowls, Everbowl offers fresh, quality ingredients. “We never add any sugar to anything, and all our ingredients are how nature intended,” stated Jeff. “We believe in being remarkable at everything we do! We strive to make sure to provide only the best food, best customer experience, and the best brand of our stores”.


His strategy is working. Everbowl will be expanding to three additional locations in Bonita, Scripps Ranch, and Temecula. The “bowl” has also been featured on HBO: Real Sports and has been ranked by Yelp as one of San Diego’s Hottest and New Restaurants of 2016. “Our main focus has been about serving and actually connecting with the local community,” shared Jeff. “So far, we’re growing and being rewarded with tons of repeat business, so we’re pretty happy!”


Name of Business: Everbowl
Owner & Founder: Jeff Fenster
Years in Position: 1
Year of Establishment: 2016
Address: 710 S. Rancho Santa Fe, San Marcos, CA 92078
Description of business: Everbowl believes eating right should be delicious, filling, and easy. With fresh ingredients and superb service, Everbowl takes customers back to the clean, healthy basics.


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