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Chloe Casebier Works Hard in School, in Sports, and in Her Work as a Model

by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Kilalio Photography

A Model Kid

student_casebier3San Marcos High School student Chloe Casebier has been modeling since the age of three. “My first job was for Disguise Costumes,” recalled Chloe. “I was so little that all I remember is that I loved getting my hair and makeup done and being in front of the camera.”

Chloe is now 15 years old and her modeling resume includes work for many well-known companies, such as Gap, Apple, Mattel, and Payless. “When I book a job, I always have so much fun on the shoots and even in the audition,” shared Chloe. “I enjoy it a lot and the people are always super nice, which makes it easier.”

Like many kids her age, Chloe is currently wearing braces, which makes getting modeling gigs a little trickier. “This year it’s been slow,” explained Chloe. “I have grown as a model by learning to take rejection and not being too hard on myself if I don’t book a job.” Chloe, who did just recently work as a model for Epson Projectors, keeps plenty busy with extracurricular activities and school. “I like the opportunities San Marcos High School has to prepare us for college and careers,” said Chloe, who shared that her favorite school subject is biology. “I like experimenting and learning about the environment!”


Name: Chloe Casebier (15)
School: San Marcos High School
Grade: 9
Parent: Michele and Jeff Casebier
Siblings: Connor (17) and Kyle (21)
Favorite things to do in 92078: Hiking up to Double Peak and watching the sunset

Chloe is also very involved in her school’s track team. “I started in elementary school and my PE teacher recommended me,” she recalled. “I’ve loved sprinting ever since.” So much so, that Chloe has been awarded numerous medals in the sport.

In her downtime, Chloe volunteers with local nonprofits to help clean up the beaches and make special baskets during the holidays. She also plays for a club volleyball team and has danced for Edge Dance Academy.


“I like the opportunities San Marcos High School has to prepare us for college and careers.”

As for her future plans, Chloe wants to attend The Juilliard School after she graduates from high school. She also hopes to continue modeling. “I have been working with adults since the age of three,” she noted. “I value that for my future because the experience I’ve gained will help me as I go out into the professional world.”

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