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by LIZ ONUFER | photos provided by Balboa School

Diversity, Creativity, Mastery

Balboa School Embraces the Qualities Needed to Succeed in Today’s World

mp_balboaschool6Preparing students for the 21st century requires an education that embraces more than academic achievement. The ability to work with diverse people and to think creatively are essential to success in today’s world. Balboa School embraces this in their core values – diversity, creativity, and mastery – and is committed to helping young men and women succeed in school and far beyond.

Serving students in 1st through 12th grade, the small size, individual attention, and excellent teachers set Balboa School apart from other schools. The atmosphere can best be described as “a small community,” explained Natalie C. Addleson, the vice principal. The teachers know each student personally and “get to know their strengths and weaknesses,” Ms. Addleson said. With these one-on-one relationships, teachers serve not just as the instructors but as mentors to their students. This fosters an environment where students look forward to going to school.

mp_balboaschool5For juniors and seniors, the personalized attention also includes career and college counseling and SAT support. The students have a long list of college acceptance letters, including the University of California Berkeley and many other prestigious schools. Balboa School is Western Association of Schools and Colleges-accredited and a member of the College Board, and the majority of courses are approved by the University of California’s A-G system.

mp_balboaschool3The student body represents a wide demographic, hailing from eight different countries. “We are an international school where differences among people are appreciated and valued,” Ms. Addleson said. “Civility is a major theme in the program.” One valedictorian explained it this way at graduation: “From day one, I noticed that there was no popularity scale at Balboa School. Everyone was much more willing to speak their minds.”

mp_balboaschool4With the recent opening of the campus in downtown Escondido across the street from the California Center for the Arts, students have many opportunities for cultural excursions. The students can also participate in the athletic program, which includes volleyball, cross country, and basketball. The school is NCAA-certified so students are able to qualify for athletic scholarships.

mp_balboaschool2Pairing the diverse student body with individualized attention and a motivating environment, Balboa School has helped students achieve academic success beyond traditional expectations. “We create positive learning experiences that encourage students to actively engage with the curriculum and work towards mastery of academic goals,” Ms. Addleson said.



Name of School: Balboa School
Executive Director: Zachary C. Jones
Years in Position: 4
Year of Establishment: 1993
Address: 130 Woodward Ave., Escondido, CA 92025
Phone: 760-294-4490
Description of Business: Balboa School is a private, college-preparatory school serving students in grades 1-12. The mission of Balboa School is to provide a diverse educational environment that promotes high academic standards, cultivates creativity, and builds the skills necessary for college, career, and civic life.

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