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San Marcos’s Lisa Druxman Helps Moms Find Fitness and Purpose Through FIT4MOM

by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Kilalio Photography

Word of Mom

faces_druxman2A former fitness professional, Lisa Druxman spent time as the general manager at The Sporting Club in La Jolla. This is where she really learned to run a business. With her first child, Jacob, their best hour of the day came when they were out with the stroller. He loved being outside and Lisa loved breathing in the fresh air and getting in shape, but she was still feeling overwhelmed with questions about new motherhood. Her ‘A-ha’ moment came when she decided to start the business we all know and love: Stroller Strides. This concept, created to keep new moms in shape and help them answer all their motherhood questions, had over 1,000 participants within the first year and started getting requests from all over the country. “This was before Facebook or social media,” Lisa smiled. “It was pure word of mom.”

Name: Lisa Druxman
Profession: Speaker, Author
Community: San Marcos since 2003
Hobbies & Interests: Yoga, running, meditation
Favorite Local Spots: Swami’s Meditation Garden, running along the Pacific Coast Highway, coffee at Better Buzz

faces_druxman3As her kids grew up – Jacob is now 17 and Rachel is 13 – the company grew too. They added more programs like FitBaby and Body Back, so the business was rebranded as FIT4MOM. With nearly 300 franchises and 2,000 class locations nationwide, Lisa realized she couldn’t fully support the business and the family if she tried going it alone. “I now have an incredible CEO and team who truly run the operations of the company.” This allows her to do what she loves, which is inspiring people through her books, podcasts, and speaking engagements. Lisa’s team calls her the ‘Idea Monkey’ because she is never short of ideas, and is excited to be set to release a new FIT4MOM digital program for pregnancy. “I personally am also working on some new digital programs that are based around helping people create new habits and behaviors in their lives.”

“My new book, The Empowered Mama, is like a guidebook for moms so they can reclaim their time, their lives, and themselves,” Lisa shared. The thousands of moms Lisa has met since she started Stroller Strides all confirm the same thing: they feel overwhelmed, stressed, isolated, and way too busy. She uses the oxygen mask analogy to demonstrate. “Moms all know they are supposed to put their own mask on first but they don’t know how to do it; that’s what I hope this book does,” Lisa said. “It helps moms reconnect with their values and their vision for their family and their life.”

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