by LIZ ONUFER | photo provided by Palomar Health

Patient-First Philosophy

Palomar Medical Center Escondido Recognized as a Center of Excellence

In 1950, when the original Palomar Memorial Hospital opened its doors, Escondido was a sparsely populated town. More than 60 years later, in 2012, the hospital went through a complete transformation, opening a 56-acre campus to meet the needs of a much larger community. Today, the Palomar Medical Center Escondido serves as the only trauma center in North County, and its emergency department is one of the ten busiest in the entire state.

The medical center is home to a full range of medical services, including trauma and emergency, a birth center, neuroscience services, rehabilitation, oncology, and an on-site pharmacy. The Cardiology and orthopedic programs are nationally recognized as a center of excellence. The medical center is also a part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Bloomberg Businessweek named the medical center the “Hospital of the Future.” The Top Masters in Healthcare Administration ranked it as the fifth most technologically advanced hospital in the world in 2014.

“While Palomar Medical Center Escondido contains all the latest in technological advances, what sets it apart is the patient-centered culture and family-friendly environment.”

Across all the services, the center is defined by its patient-first philosophy. “While Palomar Medical Center Escondido contains all the latest in technological advances, what sets it apart is the patient-centered culture and family-friendly environment,” explained Derryl Acosta, Public Relations Manager. The difference can be seen in the rooms designed to accommodate families to stay 24 hours a day and the rehabilitation process that encourages family participation. “All levels of staff from the Chief of Nursing to the mail room focus on providing elite customer service,” Derryl said.

This philosophy is highlighted in its staff. Last year, Roxanne Joy Olegario was recognized as the Palomar Medical Center Escondido Nurse of the Year. After watching nurses care for her sick grandmother, she was inspired to get into nursing. Roxanne shared her favorite thing about her job is “watching people get better, helping them get through their sickness, and bonding with families.” The medical center’s Physician of the Year, Dr. Amanda Caparso, acknowledged, “You have to laugh and smile and show your patients that you want them to be happy.”

The medical center also hosts a number of no-cost health education classes led by medical professionals. Classes include heart health, weight and nutrition, women and baby, general wellness, and CPR and First Aid. In addition, the facility offers seasonal community flu clinics.



Name of Business: Palomar Medical Center Escondido
Owner/Manager: Diane Hansen, Interim CEO
Years in Position: 1
Year of Establishment: 1948
Address: 2185 Citracado Pkwy., Escondido, CA 92029
Phone: 442-281-5000
Description of business: Opened in 2012, Palomar Medical Center Escondido is a state-of-the-art 740,000-square-foot hospital offering a full array of inpatient and outpatient services. It features 288 private-patient rooms and 11 operating rooms. The Emergency Department and Level 2 Trauma Center have 66 licensed beds.