by ASHLEY BALBO, special to 92078 Magazine

Knights News Presents #KnightsAnd

With a school as diverse as San Marcos High School (SMHS), there is an inevitability of having a wide range of talented students. SMHS’s Knights News broadcast system has taken the challenge this year to highlight some of these uniquely talented students by interviewing them about their passions in a new segment called #KnightsAnd.

The segment #KnightsAnd was introduced this year by SMHS teacher Zachary Steven-Wills. Mr. Wills had seen a video called #RaceAnd, which reminded him of the diversity of the students at SMHS. He felt inspired by the video and pitched the segment idea to the Knights News TV Production class, who built off his idea to create what is now the segment. Support for this comes from the idea that, according to Mr. Wills, “There are a lot of students that are Knights and do other cool things off campus without recognition, and we should celebrate these students so others can try these new things and learn from each other.”

Jeremy Ferebee, the teacher for the TV Production class, supported the idea wholly. The segment is important to him because “it gives an in-depth look at our community and shows what similarities the students may have.” Allowing students to see their peers in a new light gives students the opportunity to bond and learn from each other.

Cameron Hicks, a senior at SMHS, was the star of the latest #KnightsAnd segment with his unique passion of rock climbing. Hicks was excited to see how his classmates “were shocked to see what I do… Everyone applauded, and I thought it was really amazing.” This recognition opens a new door for SMHS’s community to become closer and lets the school’s diversity be something students can see as a connection, rather than a dividing factor.

Ashley Balbo is a junior at San Marcos High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92078 Magazine.