Local nonprofit Sustainable Surplus was recently tasked with finding a new home for 150 used bus stop benches from the City of San Diego. The benches, which were headed to Miramar Landfill, are made of difficult-to-recycle and non-decomposing fiberglass material. When no use was found for the benches in San Diego, Sustainable Surplus CEO Sue Prelozni reached out to Adolfo Delgado, Binational Coalition of Nonprofits (BCN) partner and executive director of the Comité Binacional Unidos por la Niñez (CBUN) in Mexico. With Adolfo’s help, the benches were refurbished, repurposed, and distributed to several cities throughout Mexico, where they will be used in parks, churches, schools, and community centers.

BCN was founded in 2017 to facilitate the handling of donated items that cannot be reused or repurposed locally, resulting in at least 12 cross-border donations in the past year. Rob Schupp, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Metropolitan Transit System, said, “This is a great example of agencies coming together to find solutions that are good for the planet.” For more information visit www.sustainablesurplus.org.